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Why Choose Retirement Serviced Apartments?

It is preferable to be independent after retirement. This can be accomplished by means of retirement serviced apartments. When it comes to options, most tend to opt for units or stay in their own homes. Both options may sound great at first, but then problems like financing and assistance start cropping up.

Serviced apartments give the best of both worlds – retirement living without the exorbitant price tag. But, what else can they offer?

What are They?

Undoubtedly, retirement serviced apartments are exactly what they sound like – serviced apartments in retirement villages. They offer the same benefit as a fully-fledged home but without the extra costs and hassle.

Apartment living is a lot easier in terms of overall cost and quality of life; having allied care come with it is the best of every world.

How are they Different from Retirement Villages?

The difference between a serviced apartment and a village comes down to cost.

Serviced apartments are a type of retirement village. They offer the same kind of contracts and have similar financial and regulatory requirements. However, serviced apartments come with the additional cost of laundry, cleaning, meals, and more. In a village, these are provided by the operator.

Speaking of the cost, you also won’t own your serviced apartment. You’ll be renting the space by paying an upfront fee that acts like rent paid in advance. Since you’re getting a much smaller space, this amount is significantly lower than a retirement unit.

What are the Benefits?

Despite serviced apartments being a lot fewer and rarer in number, they’re also a great option if you’re looking at something cheaper than the average retirement village unit.  Some other benefits include:

No Cooking or Cleaning

The retirement serviced apartments are precisely that – serviced. In the right home, you can get the option of three meals cooked for you and the home regularly cleaned. Despite being a smaller space, it gets difficult in old age to keep an apartment clean. Staff will manage the everyday cleaning, linen replacement, and laundry.

Lifestyle Kept in Mind

Aesthetics and lifestyle do not always go hand-in-hand. Most serviced apartments keep the age of their renters in mind when designed. So, the space is a lot smaller – maybe a studio or max two bedrooms – and easier to navigate.

The apartments will be modern in design to make better use of space while still being aesthetically pleasing. In most villages, the flats (if present) are in the centre of the property to improve accessibility.

Home Care Package

Retirement village units aren’t the only ones funded by the government home care package. The suitable apartments have specific policies in place that allow for government funding to pay for your residence.

If you don’t have the home care package, there will be assistance to help you arrange to fund your stay.

24/7 Assistance

The most significant benefit of living in a retirement village, especially in a serviced apartment, is 24/7 access to help and a community. Most apartments have emergency call systems that alert staff in case of a situation.

Apart from the staff on hand, there is access to a larger community for social interaction. From lounge rooms, physical activity spaces, and accessible porches for a bit of sunbathing, apartments are a great way to meet new people and live the best life.


Despite the relatively small size of serviced apartments, they offer much more comfort. Everything is easy to access and doesn’t require much in terms of maintenance. If it’s only one person, then the studio or 1-bedroom apartments are more than enough, especially when you’re out interacting the whole day!

Wrapping Up

Retirement doesn’t have to mean dull days of sitting around. With a retirement serviced apartment, you can move into a new community with better amenities and more assistance for the best time of your life! You can get a new lease of life after retirement.

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