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Why Air Travel Is Much Safer Than You Think

There has been a series of high-profile airline crashes over the decades that have made people feel as though flying is unsafe. Many people agree that flying is the safest way to travel, and here are some of the reasons and advancements that have made it so.

Changes in Airplane Designs

When discussing changes to and improvements in airplane design, most people only see the features added for their comfort, such as in-flight entertainment systems. However, airlines, airplane manufacturers, and stakeholders are always working on improving the equipment and technology you find in modern airplanes.

They study accidents and incidents that have happened in the past to inform the next generation of equipment and technologies. Because of these improvements, airplanes are constructed much better with sturdier bodies and improved engines. These improvements make them a lot more reliable and less prone to error.

Even in cases where something goes wrong, modern planes are built to withstand these difficulties. For example, there are multiple plane models with multiple engines that can fly on only one engine for long distances.

The Fear of Flying is Not Reflected in Statistics

The number of air-related accidents has decreased over the years as technology has advanced. However, these crashes happen from time to time. Because they are mass casualty events, they dominate the headlines, making air travel seem terrifying and unsafe to a lot of people.

Although many people understandably have a fear of flying due to what they have seen or heard, or for other reasons, their fear is not reflected in statistics. For example, there have been very few accidents in the United States since 9/11, and accidents such as the Air France 447 and Germanwings crashes still cause anxiety in Europe.

The industry has dealt with the issues that caused these accidents to make flying a lot safer. However, airplane accidents do happen, even though it is on a smaller scale. If you or your loved one is involved in an airplane accident, you are entitled to compensation. The aviation accident lawyers at Romanucci & Blandin can help you find the justice you deserve after something like this happens.

New Pilot Protocol and Continuous Training

Many airlines ensure their pilots continue their training even after they have started flying regularly. This training is for things they typically do not have to deal with during flights so they are better able to deal with them should they happen. Pilots also continuously learn from past accidents and incidents.

Many airlines have also implemented new pilot protocols that make flying a lot safer. For example, many of them now limit the number of continuous hours or trips a pilot can fly.

Many airlines mandate that there must be at least two people capable of flying the plane in the cockpit at all times. These pilots are also given the mandate to challenge each other if they see something going wrong. If a second officer is taking an incorrect action, for example, the captain can correct them and this makes flying a lot safer.

Despite what many people think, flying is safer than it has ever been. Sensational news coverage might make it seem less so when an accident happens, but accidents have become very rare these days due to improvements and implementation of lessons learned from past actions and accidents.

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