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Ways to get 10k Instagram followers without buying them

For you to get 10000 Instagram followers (seguidores Instagram), you will need to have strategies. It is a social media milestone that is common which businesses nowadays embrace when trying to build their brand. For some businesses, to reach the tier is a demonstration that you have the potential of being a serious online influencer in your industry.

But with the rise in influencer marketing, there are Instagram users who tend to embrace buying lists of potential followers with hopes of getting a portion of such people to pay some attention to their account. But especially in the B2B business model, purchasing a list could lead to poor quality traffic to your website together with consequences that are unintended like less quality time spent on your pages, high bounce rate, and leads that are a bad fit.

It tends to be more rewarding and much safer taking the route of growing your social media followers organically. Engaging with your brand will end up being higher, the members of your target audience will share your content and you get more opportunities to nurture or convert leads who are qualified which are interested in what you sell.

The following are some of the tips that can get you 10000 Instagram followers without you having to pay for it

Experiment with finding your invoice

If you have been doing posting on Instagram for some time now and you aren’t getting any social traction that you are looking out for, then you have to switch up. You can change the content type which you post, and change the tone as well when doing the captions. After that, you can refer to the analytics and find out what connects people connect well with. You can as well look at the brands that you would wish to copy on social media, incorporating a few new ideas. Once you identify the voice and the content which tends to resonate well with your viewers, then go ahead and post that.

Stay on the brand

The truth is that a lot of experimentation has the potential of disrupting the growth of your following. It is something that most people are guilty of doing, going off the brand now and then. As an illustrator, there are times when you get creatively bored, and thus, plan to do something different with your style for a short while, and with that, you lose some of your followers.

Establishing a solid brand is all about consistency. After you have been followed enough, your followers come to expect something specific from your posts, something that they enjoy. While you try out new content, though important as it could make you find something new, once you get your niche, you don’t have to deviate far away from it without a well-planned strategy.

Being active

Is your Instagram account active? Do you try liking other people’s comments, photos and engaging with their content regularly? It is a great way of starting to get noticed, especially if your posts get followed closely by those that are in your target niche. With that said, if you become too active, it might make you look like a bot that is spammy to the Instagram algorithms and this could ding you.

Several obnoxious people in the market tend to automate comments randomly to show up on the channels of the influencers with the URLs to the websites they own. The main thing is that you have to remain frequent but at the same time, socially acceptable interaction level ongoing.

You don’t have to follow to follow

Though it is something quite tempting, you should avoid it at all costs.  If you come across someone who has 7450 followers and is followed by 7500, then it implies that they don’t have high-quality content.  It denotes that, they are trying to pad their followers count by having to click on each follow button which comes to their attention.

Building an engaged audience is something that takes a lot of time as well as patience. If you have a strategy on social media for your B2B brand, then to follow others for them to follow you back is not going to bring you the results that you are looking out for.

Be honest and real

There are times when you feel that things are happening on Instagram are all fake. Is the life of the person very perfect the way it is being displayed? Which kitchen can always be that clean? You don’t have to be afraid of being authentic and creating content that people can easily relate to. When you highlight quirks of the business you are in can make people trust you more.

While it might become curated to a certain level, to post user-generated content or third-party content or quotes from employees can try shedding light on what value of the brand and the priorities you have. Utilizing the Instagram stories tool is another way of showcasing the culture of your company or your personality that could be unique. If you feel a video will do you good, then go for it.

You don’t have to do a lot of bragging

After winning an award, it is a great thing to happen and warrants that you post regarding it. But you need to ensure that you avoid making certifications, accolades, and reviews about it all the time.

You should also avoid spending too much time talking about your service or product and why you feel that it is the best. The best is to spend the shortest time possible doing just that. People are not following you on Instagram for promotional content only. They would wish to see the side of you or the organization you represent which is human. They want you to inspire them with your creativity and they also need some humor to make them laugh.

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