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Trans Theoretical Model And Process Of Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is a science-based approach to helping individuals and their families adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle choices that improve their quality of life and health. Lifestyle medicine can not only be used to prevent non-communicable diseases, but also to treat chronic diseases. Lifestyle medicine treats the root cause of chronic diseases and not the symptoms.

What’s The Lifestyle Medicine Transtheoretical Model?

Lifestyle medicine is all about changing behavior. Practitioners must assess the willingness and ability of patients to make changes in their routines and habits. Transtheoretical modeling is a behavioral theory that studies the stages of a person’s behavior change. These are the stages:


The first stage is when an individual doesn’t have any plans for changing their behavior. They may not even know they need to. Although they may be aware that healthy lifestyle changes are possible, they don’t realize the many benefits they could reap by making them.


The patient wants to change their lifestyle and start living a healthier life. However, they aren’t convinced that lifestyle changes will fix their health problems.


This individual is preparing to make healthy lifestyle changes. They share their plans and receive support from close family members.


This stage requires that the patient actively engages in healthy behavior. While the patient will attempt to change unhealthy habits from their pasts, they might still experience setbacks.


A patient must have been practicing lifestyle medicine for at minimum six months before they can enter the maintenance stage. They may fall back into old habits during this stage. However, they will continue to practice healthy lifestyles and be committed to regaining their health.

Lifestyle medicine examines each stage and adjusts it to incorporate healthy practices. This practice is increasingly being used by primary care physicians and healthcare professionals to help patients make gradual lifestyle changes.

What’s The Process Of Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle medicine is based upon the belief that the body has the ability to heal itself. Lifestyle intervention focuses on the whole body and all mental systems in order to improve function and well-being. Lifestyle medicine is not meant to replace all traditional medicine. Lifestyle medicine can be used alongside other western or conventional medicine treatments. Lifestyle medicine practitioners assist patients in resolving problems and adopting healthier lifestyle habits. A person cannot heal themselves until they are in good health. Lifestyle medicine practitioners will likely start with the following:

Changes in Diet:

Lifestyle medicine is about eliminating toxins, processed foods, and excess sugars from your diet and replacing them with whole, plant-based foods.

Moreover, prior to calculating macros, you should decide on your calorie target and the ideal macronutrient range for carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

In the next step, keep track of your food consumption and try to remain inside your macros by eating a diet rich in fresh produce as well as healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and protein sources. Macro calculator will become part of the routine for you before you realize it.

Considering dietary issues:

Common ingredients intolerances can lead to a host of symptoms that render normal functioning impossible. The body will fight inflammation if these ingredients aren’t removed from the diet. It will also struggle to digest the food.

Checking for Allergies:

Long-term effects can be caused by long-term allergies or food intolerances. Lifestyle medicine prescriptions might recommend that you test for allergies in order to eliminate them.

Final thought

Lifestyle medicine promotes healthy lifestyle practices that take care of the body and mind. This prepares each system for a life full of health and well-being. Lifestyle medicine is the basis for all traditional medicine. Lifestyle medicine is becoming more popular as a part of conventional medicine’s treatment plans due to the rising prevalence of chronic diseases. Lifestyle medicine isn’t a single approach, but a combination of several health and wellness points.

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