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Top 5 Rum Brands In India

Indian is one of the countries with the best rum production. The sugarcane distilled juice liquor is an alcoholic drink appreciated all over the world. India is famous for the spicy rums that get their flavour by adding spices like cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, rosemary, or pepper. This spice also gives its dark colour. pg

1) Bacardi 

Bacardi was founded in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardí Massó, in Santiago de Cuba. He created a locally produced spirit, more sophisticated than others spirit drinks. For his first rum, he added a unique strain of yeast, known as ‘La Levadura Bacardi, ‘that was growing in the sugarcane fields outside Santiago de Cuba. This ingredient provides Bacardi rum with its unique flavour profile. Is the perfect drink to enjoy when you play a baccarat game at Indian online casinos.

Bacardi has a selection of lighter rums for cocktails, ready-to-drink cocktails, dark and aged rums, and rare private reserves. There are rums for every occasion, just discover the rum that makes your moment:

  • Bacardi Superior Rum is light and aromatically balanced, with almonds and lime notes, and hints of vanilla.
  • Bacardi Spiced has a caramel-like vanilla flavour. The almond and dark fruits are present, rounded by cinnamon, nutmeg, with a touch of honey.
  • Ready-to-drink Bacardi, simple cocktails, with sweet coconut and crisp raspberry
  • Bacardi Reserva Ocho is a complex golden rum with dried apricot and banana leaf flavour, an oak and spices palate
  • Bacardi Coconut Rum, the Caribbean taste for coconut and pineapple cocktails
  • Bacardi Añejo Cuatro strong drink with notes of mild vanilla, cinnamon, toasted oak, clove, and honey.
  • Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez, barrel-aged for a minimum of ten years under the Caribbean sun, filtered through.
  • Bacardi Gran Reserva Limitada is rich and complex, with smooth notes of butterscotch and dried fruit, almond and vanilla smell, with soft oak and raisin finish.

2) Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan is the perfect rum for cocktails. Was made by the Caribbean locals from squeezing out the sweet cane juices, fermented, distilled, and ageing properly. To create a smooth taste, rums are carefully blended. Captain Morgan has a dark rum created with molasses and a well ageing to create dark rum. The white rum has a subtle and sweet taste.

Selection of rum drinks included Captain Morgan Dark Rum, Captain Morgan White Rum, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, and many more.

Captain’s favourite rum drink cocktails:

  • Caipirinha is made with a lime squeeze, crushed ice instead of cubes: 45 ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, 1 tsp sugar, 3 lime wedges, 1 glassful of crushed ice, extra lime for garnishing
  • Captain & Cola is it’s always 2.5 parts Cola to 1-part Captain, 1 wedge of lime, 1 glassful of ice
  • Captain’s Shandy is made with 25 ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, 125 ml
  • Lager, 50 ml Lemonade, 1 Lime, 5 Ice cubes
  • Long Island Iced Tea is made with 15 ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, 7.5 ml of vodka, 7.5 ml tequila, 7.5 ml gin, 7.5 ml triple Sec, 35 ml lime/lemon juice, 20 ml simple syrup, 55 ml, Cola, 1 glassful ice, 1 slice of lime or orange

There are another 12 cocktails you can make using Captain Morgan rum.

3) Havana Club

This past winter season Havana Club celebrated 7 years Gold Edition with a new bottle design featuring bold metallic colour and tactile finish. Of course, with the classic liquid inside. Havana Club is the perfect choice for festive cocktails.

Havana Club has three best-selling rums:

  • Havana Club 3
  • Havana Club Especial
  • Havana Club 7

This is the typical Cuban rum style. The spirit has a special lightness and freshness paired with natural tropical ageing. Each rum undergoes a distinct ageing process to release the optimum flavours for specific cocktails.

The Havana Club Prestige Collection has 4 different products:

  • Havana Club 15 Anos. Aged in white oak barrels for at least 15 years, in the warm and humid tropical climate.
  • Union. The first-ever Cuban rum that has been created especially to go with a fine Cuban cigar.
  • Tributo. A series of limited-edition releases.
  • Maximo. Handcrafted by blending the best and oldest rum and is produced in only 1,000 rum bottles each year

4) Hercules

Hercules Deluxe 3‘X’ Rum is a rum formula characteristic of Bangalore. This is a rare fusion of aroma for the rum connoisseurs. It is a smooth dark colour rum, distilled in pot-stills. Ii has great complexity, subtlety, and finesse. Here is one of the best rum cocktail recipes for the perfect bar drink Hercules Rum and Coke: fill the glass with ice, add 60 ml of Hercules Deluxe Rum, top it up with 30 ml of Coke, garnish it with lime.  and you have created your very own. Is the perfect cocktail for every occasion.

5) Old Port

Old Port is one of the best-selling dark rum in India, from Amrut Distillery in Kambipura, Bangalore. Amrut Distillery is family owned and operated business, on the market since 1948.  Old Port is more appreciated amongst rum lovers outside of India. It has chocolate flavours, with a touch of cherry and amaretto, and hints of maple-walnut. Is a bold, spicy rum, characteristic of India.  It is distilled from 100% sugar cane. It is the top 10 best-selling rum brand in the world, with a strong taste of brown sugar notes.

Mixed Old Port is one of the best flavours, with a sweet nose and a mixed Coke drink it is delicious.


Rum is the perfect drink for cocktail lovers, for people who like to have fun. It is also the perfect drink for the ones that enjoy a good cigar and love to mix it with a strong flavour of caramel rum. Pick your favourite and try to enjoy a rum drink at the bar, the club, or at home playing Indian online casinos.

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