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Top 5 Preschool Franchise Opportunity in Gurgaon

Investment in a preschool franchise can be an attractive business venture for entrepreneurs with an enthusiasm for education. As India prioritizes early childhood education, childcare and preschool services are in high demand. But the market is flooded with a huge number of preschool chains each with a different virtue and choosing the best one can be a big headache.

Don’t worry, in the list that follows we have done all the work for you. We have sorted 5 best preschool franchises available in the market based on ease of set up, post sales support, profitability, features, curriculum etc.

Footprints Preschool and Daycare

Footprints Preschool and Daycare is the go-to choice for parents seeking premium early education for their child. Their innovative curriculum and commitment to holistic development of young minds distinguishes them from other preschool franchise opportunities in India. Furthermore, this company provides proven business models and robust support systems for franchisees that make opening successful preschool and daycare facilities simple and straightforward.

Footprints preschool provides an excellent way to meet the rising demand for quality early education. It features proven business models, extensive training programs, marketing support and state-of-the-art facilities, all offering comprehensive curriculums.

Footprints preschool provides children with a safe and nurturing environment in which to flourish physically, emotionally and socially while emphasizing play-based learning experiences and exploration. Their innovative curriculum and commitment to holistic development has earned them an outstanding reputation within the preschool industry – offering investors great potential returns! As this brand expands nationwide there’s also great investment potential available!

Little Millenium Preschool

Little Millennium Preschools of India is one of the premier chains of preschools with a nationwide presence, known for its distinctive educational approach that encourages each child’s individual development in a safe and nurturing environment. Little Millennium offers an extensive range of child care and educational services designed to help kids realize their full potential.

Little Millennium franchise boasts an established track record within its industry and offers entrepreneurs a great chance to capitalize on the rising demand for quality early education services. Furthermore, they provide comprehensive training programs and ongoing support services in order to help franchisees establish successful businesses. To find out more, visit their website!

Preschool can be the first formal learning environment that your child experiences, so selecting an ideal preschool school is of vital importance to ensure his or her academic development. With many options on offer in today’s market, finding one to meet your child’s specific needs shouldn’t be hard; particularly those that specialize in science, technology and mathematics will prepare your child well for life ahead.

Euro kids provides more than quality education; they also teach social etiquette and manners lessons essential for children’s development. Furthermore, Euro Kids is known for its child-centric curriculum and innovative teaching methods which has earned it one of India’s most acclaimed preschools – with its expansive network of centers being an attractive opportunity for franchisees looking for franchise opportunities. Their Seven Petal approach incorporates eclectic learning processes that build skill-based knowledge.


Eurokids is India’s go-to preschool brand and have won several awards for their education system. Offering comprehensive curriculum support as well as franchise opportunities with high growth potential for entrepreneurs looking for affordable business ventures; Eurokids franchise is also ideal for parents who want their child(ren) to have the best start possible in life.

EuroKids provides their students with a range of learning experiences, such as music and movement classes, drama play, sensory play, storytelling, and sensory play. Their experienced faculty foster an inclusive environment by cultivating curiosity and critical thinking skills while teaching socialization that will benefit students throughout their lives. EuroKids’ preschool industry is projected to experience exponential growth over the next eight years due to increasing nuclear families, expanding childcare service availability, and rising disposable incomes – these factors all play a part in driving this market forward.

Preschool franchises can be an easy and cost-effective way to expand your business, offering easier establishment than opening an independent school from scratch. Investment costs are less than for retail stores and you will benefit from being supported by an established national organization with years of experience.

Educational businesses are among the most lucrative businesses in the US; estimated revenues reached US$3.8 billion in 2022. Therefore, finding a pre-school franchise that boasts both an impressive track record and strong business plan can be highly beneficial to your success.

An initial investment of Rs 12-20 lakh may be required in order to begin franchising business, depending on the size and location of the school. You’ll also require commercial property with at least 2000 square feet of space available and be able to afford the franchise fee.

Bachpan Play School

Early childhood experiences form the cornerstone of children’s future development. That is why Bachpan Play School strives to cultivate excellence and innovation among its pupils. Their unwavering commitment to holistic development is evidenced through innovative teaching technologies, curriculums, and learning methods at Bachpan Play School.

National chain with over 1100 preschools across India. Their curriculum offers both thematic and activity-based learning experiences for Playgroups, LKG, UKG and Nursery classes; additionally using HD-3D e-learning modules developed through extensive research. Their classes become more engaging for children while encouraging creativity and confidence within classroom environments.

Bachpan offers play-way methods of teaching through activities and games designed to develop gross motor skills, collaborative attitude, cognitive growth and socialization in children. Additionally, extracurricular activities help children build self-confidence and creativity. Bachpan hosts competitions and events for its “Bachpanites”, stimulating curiosity and encouraging imagination.

Establishing a pre-school franchise in Gurgaon can be an attractive business proposition. Thanks to an expanding middle class and rising disposable incomes, more parents are willing to invest in their children’s education. But selecting an ideal location for your preschool is crucial – make sure there is enough space with adequate security measures in place for all the kids under your care.

Your budget must include both initial investment and operating costs of starting and running a preschool in India. While franchise costs may seem higher initially, in the long run they will prove worthwhile as you gain access to proven business models that will enable you to run the preschool with success.


Kidzee, Asia’s largest preschool chain, is part of Zee Learn’s Subash Chandra-led Essel Group and operates across 550+ cities with 1900+ centers to offer Early Childhood Care and Education to over four-hundred-thousand children each day. Kidzee firmly believes that strong educational foundations help ensure each child will reach great success throughout life.

The company provides an exciting franchise opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs and education enthusiasts looking to shape the future of child education. Anyone interested can visit its website to explore more about requirements and applications; additionally, this provider also provides invaluable training courses that enable franchisees and staff members to run successful schools.

Preschool franchises present an ideal business opportunity for any entrepreneur looking to invest in an industry with significant growth potential. More parents are becoming aware of the significance of quality early education for their kids, driving increased demand for play schools and preschools such as Footprints Preschool & Daycare with its rich legacy of excellence as an ideal provider.

This Top 5 Preschool Franchise Opportunity in Gurgaon is founded on Montessori principles and methods, so franchisees are expected to create an environment conducive to children’s holistic development by providing safe learning spaces enriched with meal services, indoor/outdoor play areas and AC, CCTV and internet connectivity. Furthermore, their one-time franchise fee is estimated to be Rs 1.5 lakhs with franchisees receiving 85% of revenue and the remaining 15% going back to the franchisor.

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