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The Positive And Negative Impact On Your Body By Consuming Caffeine

Coffee is the most consumed beverage all around the world. Coffee beans from Brazil are transported all around the globe. Some people cannot start their day without a cup of coffee. Over the years coffee has shown a great impact on people’s lives.

Its beneficial effects on the human body have been researched quite well, but coffee as a whole is a complex beverage with a thousand different substances.

Positive Impact

Your brew gives you benefits beyond an energy boost. Here are the top ways coffee can positively impact your health:

You Could Live Longer.

Recent studies found that coffee drinkers are less likely to die from some of the leading causes of death in women: coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease.

Your Body May Process Glucose (Or Sugar) Better.

That’s the theory behind studies that found that people who drink more coffee are less likely to get type 2 diabetes.

You’re Less Likely To Develop Heart Failure.

Drinking one to two cups of coffee a day may help ward off heart failure when a weakened heart has difficulty pumping enough blood to the body.

You are less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease.

Caffeine is not only linked to a lower chance of developing Parkinson’s disease, but it may also help those with the condition better control their movements.

Your Liver Will Thank You.

Both regular and decaf coffee seem to have a protective effect on your liver. Research shows that coffee drinkers are more likely to have liver enzyme levels within a healthy range than people who don’t drink coffee.

Your DNA Will Be Stronger.

Dark roast coffee decreases breakage in DNA strands, which occur naturally but can lead to cancer or tumors if not repaired by your cells.

Your Odds of Getting Colon Cancer Will Go Way Down.

One in 23 women develops colon cancer. But researchers found that coffee drinkers’ decaf or regular were 26 percent less likely to develop colorectal cancer.

You May Decrease Your Risk Of Getting Alzheimer’s Disease.

Almost two-thirds of Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease are women. But the caffeine in two cups of coffee may provide significant protection against developing the condition. Researchers found that women age 65 and older who drank two to three cups of coffee a day were less likely to develop dementia in general.

You’re Not As Likely To Suffer A Stroke.

For women, drinking at least one cup of coffee a day is associated with lower stroke risk, which is the fourth leading cause of female deaths.

Potential Risks

Heartburn And Stomach Upset

Certain compounds in coffee beans can cause stomach upset in some people. This is because caffeine and other compounds called catechol present in coffee beans have been shown to increase stomach acid. This can lead to heartburn, an uncomfortable condition in which stomach acid pushes back up your esophagus. It may also cause bloating, nausea, and stomach upset.

If you suffer from heartburn or have other stomach problems, you may want to avoid or limit your coffee and coffee bean intake.

Laxative Effect

Drinking coffee exhibits, a laxative effect in some people. Caffeine does not seem to be the culprit, as decaffeinated coffee was also found to increase bowel movements.

Although rare, even low doses of caffeinated coffee may cause diarrhea. People with bowel conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), should consume coffee beans with caution.

Sleep Disturbance

While caffeine in coffee beans can give you a much-needed energy boost, it can also lead to sleep problems, particularly in caffeine-sensitive individuals.

Research suggests that people who are sensitive to caffeine or who consume too much are at a greater risk of struggling to fall and stay asleep, which can prompt daytime exhaustion.

The effects of caffeine can last up to 9.5 hours after consumption. If your sleep is affected by caffeine, reduce the amount you consume during the day and avoid it completely close to bedtime.


Coffee beans from Brazil are one of the most consumed coffee by the people as it provides the best quality.  It can prevent serious diseases, boost your mind and muscles, and even help you with weight loss. Consume it in limit for effective results.

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