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Some Creative Ideas That Can Help You Customize Your Lanyards Perfectly

Innovating custom-made lanyards is always a fun idea. Customized lanyards can act as a tool to help your organization reach its goals. They’re a surprisingly functional type of merchandise that allows people to keep track of valuables, show relevant ID, and represent an organization or school. You can customize every aspect of your lanyard online, from colors to fabrics to patterns to clips and beyond.

Mostly Used 

Custom-made lanyards are today used across many organizations and professions. They are especially useful in the following industries.

Hospitality Staff

Hotel and resort staff need secure access fast – whether it’s to employee-only areas or guest accommodations throughout the property. Lanyards make navigating secure areas easy with easy access to room cards, keys, and employee ID. They’re also a great fit for select resort guests who enjoy access to VIP areas.


Lanyards are also commonly used among doctors, nurses, custodians, and volunteers.  Hospital staff and personnel often wear lanyards with the hospital logo printed on them to carry ID badges that help patients quickly identify them. Some hospitals even opt to create different styles of lanyards to easily spot staff, medical providers, or visitors.

Corporate Offices

In offices such as law firms, insurance companies, investment banking institutions, and other corporate settings, security is paramount. Lanyards can help employees keep their ID badges on hand to access secure areas. Corporate offices might also consider creating lanyards and ID badges especially for visitors to make them easy to spot and keep track of.

Concert/Event Staff

Special custom lanyards holding ID badges make it easy to spot who’s allowed in secure areas without requiring workers to dig into their pockets every time they need to prove they’re where they’re supposed to be. They’re also a good way to set VIP ticket holders apart. Lanyards come in handy during concerts, football games, advance screenings, and other events.

Steps To Design A Perfect Custom Lanyard

Here are some tips that can help you achieve your desired customized lanyards.

Find a Manufacturer

when you’re talking about handing out lanyards to your entire corporate office or student body, it can go from a fun craft to a never-ending task fast. Especially when it comes to specialty products like lanyards, it’s best to leave manufacturing to the experts.

Choose Your Type of Lanyard 

Once you’ve chosen a manufacturing partner, you’re ready to start bringing your custom lanyard to life. Choose from the five basic lanyard styles.

Polyester Lanyards – affordable, durable, and lightweight, these are the most popular types of lanyards.

Nylon Lanyards – these strong, sleek lanyards are another popular lanyard type.

Dye-Sublimated Lanyards – these lanyards are perfect for designs with vibrant colors and detailed patterns.

Woven Jacquard Lanyards – made by weaving your design directly into the fabric of your lanyard, this style is perfect for repeating patterns.

Tube Lanyards – made with individual fabric tubes, this is the bulkiest and most durable lanyard style.

After selecting from these options, you simply have to pick the width of your lanyard that could be anywhere between 3/8 inch to 1 inch wide.

Customize your Lanyard

This is the fun part where you can showcase your creativity and personalize the lanyards.

Band Length – choose the length of your lanyard, anywhere from 14 inches to up to 30 inches. (For reference, a standard lanyard length is 18 inches!)

Front Printing Options – choose how you’d like your design printed and where, whether you choose front and back dye sublimation, screen printing with one or multiple colors, or a woven design. The style of lanyard you selected in the first step may determine the options available to you.

Back Printing Options – choose whether you’d like a design printed on the back of your lanyard or not. The style of lanyard you selected in the first step may determine the options available to you.

Attachments and Clips – choose the attachment hardware you’d like at the end of your lanyard, whether a lobster claw, swivel J-hook, bulldog clip, split key ring, bottle opener hook, or thumb hook. You can also add on two clips to the same lanyard if you’d like.


Custom made lanyards may vary in style, design, and materials depending on the end purpose of the lanyard. These also help in spreading the word about you without actually speaking.

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