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Play Solitaire Card Games With Top 3 Types Preferred By Everyone

Solitaire cards played with traditional decks exists for decades. The arrival of personal computers into homes and offices changed the way Solitaire games are played. These games made a huge impact on card game lovers and also popularized them. Microsoft is the main reason that allowed card players to play solitaire card games online. Initially, only the simple version of Klondike Solitaire was introduced with Windows 3.0. It was made available so that the new users can learn computer operating. As Microsoft brought newer versions of their Windows operating systems, a couple of other solitaire games were added, i.e., Spider and FreeCell.

It is considered that Solitaire is the most used software program in Microsoft, even as compared to Word and Excel. It was also believed that Solitaire games would result in the non-productivity of the employees, as it would lead to a waste of time in playing during office hours.

Why Did Solitaire Card Games Gain Popularity?

Digitalizing is the main reason for this game to gain popularity. It removed the practicalities and constraints involved while playing with a physical deck of cards. You don’t need to shuffle or move cards physically, and also there is not any space required when you play online. Now it was very easy and quick to play solitaire card games online.

Due to the software versions, the game got new opportunities than before. With digital implementations, it was possible to record percentages of wins, best times and win streaks, etc. All this gave additional incentives to return to the game. It made the game easy to learn with the enforced rules, automated layouts, and tutorials. It is some sort of addictive game as many try to win the game that gives satisfaction. Though there are many attractive and thrilling online games, many people still love solitaire games for their simplicity.

Thanks to Microsoft for making Solitaire games popular. Many people identify the game ‘Klondike’ with ‘Solitaire’. Afterward, ‘Spider’ and ‘Freecell’ were the games that were quickly adopted by players. These 3 games were most commonly played by everyone who loved solitaire games. When Windows 8 was released, all these 3 games were grouped under the name of ‘Microsoft Solitaire Collection’. It was a part of an ad-supported freemium package with additional two new solitaire games, Pyramid and TriPeaks.

Today, there are many other classic solitaire games played all around the world. But Microsoft’s top 3 games, Klondike, Spider, and FreeCell remain the best as compared to other games. In the World Video Game Hall of Fame in 2019, Microsoft solitaire games were presented. There were also other games like Doom, Donkey Kong, Tetris, etc in competition to Microsoft’s Solitaire games. The criteria were that these games must be widely known, have popularity, and influence the culture as well. Microsoft’s solitaire games are installed on over a billion devices, in 65 languages, and are considered to make a huge impact on the growth of the game market.

 3 Most Popular Solitaire Games

  1. Klondike- In this game, you need to arrange all 13 cards of each suit in a sequence from Ace to Kings. The sequence begins from Ace as the foundation and builds upwards, hence these types of games are called builder-type solitaire games. You need to place the cards in an area called tableau. In this, you need to lay seven piles, ranging from 1 to 7 cards on each pile, and the top card of each pile should be face-up. These cards are to be arranged within the tableau by building downwards in alternating colors and you need to move them between columns, to access other cards. You can only transfer a King or column built down on a King, to free space in the tableau. Klondike is a closed game. All the cards are not visible and slowly they get revealed as you make them available.
  2. Spider- In the game of Spider, there are two decks of cards. The game starts after you deal out 54 cards out in a tableau of 10 piles. It is similar to the game Klondike,  in which you need to get cards of the same suit from Ace to Kings, but in this game, there are no foundations. Until you line up a whole column of a suit in order, the columns of cards remain in the tableau, descending from King down through Ace. You can move the cards within the tableau, but whenever you need fresh cards, 50 cards remaining in the stock are dealt out. It is dealt out 10 at a time across the entire tableau.
  3. FreeCell- In this game, dealt face-up into the eight columns using a single deck is. There are 4 foundation piles. The goal in this game is to build cards from each suit in ascending order from Ace to King. There are four storage cells in addition to these foundation piles.  These cells are used to temporarily store a card from the bottom of any column. The cards in the tableau are arranged in alternating colors. They can be moved between columns with the help of available cells.  When a space is created in the tableau, it can be filled with any card.

These are the 3 most popular solitaire games.  You can playsolitaire card games as a beginner.  Though there are a lot of different versions of solitaire games, still, these are preferred as they are easy to play.

Is Solitaire A Game Of Luck?

Well, many consider online games as mere luck in the gambling world.  But those who play solitaire card games passionately, know that it is a game more of skills and practice. With practice, you know the nuances of the game and can implement them whenever you play in real. The luck factor comes at the end. You can’t just play randomly and keep your fingers crossed.  The best strategy is to practice and enhance your skills gradually.

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