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Maxwell Drever Recommends Proper Assessment Of Hotels To Retrofit Them Into Affordable Workforce Housing Units

Hoteliers and Real Estate developers have it rough these days. Developers are having trouble putting a dent in their overdue mortgage payments. The number of hotels defaulting or delaying their mortgage payments rose to over 18% in 2020. It was up from less than 2% a year ago. Besides that, the coronavirus’s stay-at-home lifestyle has taken a considerable financial toll on the hotel industry. The significant expenses of the building have increased due to material costs, wages, and construction expenses – an already lousy situation bogged down by pandemics means that if you’re looking for some real estate business, considering sectors beyond hospitality and luxury housing can be favorable.

Maxwell Drever brings attention to the rising demand for affordable workforce housing in this context. The pandemic triggered the need to build more micro-apartment living units for the working class who earn decent money but fail to find a safe shelter close to their office due to expensive housing prices. Some investors have already tasted the results by taking this approach. They bought hotels with low occupancy rates, renovated them, and before some units were fully ready, people got into them. It is because of the severe shortage of affordable workforce housing. Hence, it makes sense to explore this domain. If you want to take a plunge in this, you must remember a few things.

Working With Local Municipalities

The main thing developers need to do is find the right property. Investors should look for the property that will make them the most money and require the slightest effort to get things going. Location and zoning are usually the biggest concerns for developers, but there are other factors to consider, like the condition of the building and restrictions and regulations for buildings. You can find out a lot about a property, like its appraisal value, by doing a title search. You can loop in local municipalities also to get the details, so you understand the challenges and positive sides of the property. Sometimes it takes a long time to figure things out, but developers can get the ball rolling with a little hard work.

Analyzing Hotel’s Ability To Convert Into A Type Of Residential Unit

Suite hotels are an affordable option in cities where space is an asset. Suite hotels are more than just a new way to stay in an urban area. Each suite comes equipped with a kitchen, making them perfect for families. Maxwell Drever says that a suite hotel is also cost-effective because they sometimes offer shared amenities that significantly reduce the need to build them in every single unit. As a result, you can expect to save the cost of plumbing, necessities, and maintenance. In short, suites are cheaper to convert, as they already have kitchens. Standard rooms also don’t demand much renovation efforts, either.

These are just a few of many things that go a long way in ensuring the success of hotel conversions. Each area or aspect requires scrutiny to avoid any disappointment. Once successfully launched, getting continuous and long-term revenue should not be a problem.

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