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Hyperloop Included $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

The Hyperloop project has taken a step in the right direction with an incredible boost in funding. The high speed rail project has been included with the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill to include new concept research on the original idea.

The Hyperloop started as a hypersonic vacuum transport rail system. It’s  creator, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, laid out his plans in a 2012 white paper. The project proposed propelling pods through an airless tube at around 1,100 km/h (700 mph).

The high-speed rail idea was initially met with skepticism but after the successful testing of hyperloop technology, it seems that this modern transport system is becoming a closer reality.

Although the project is still in its early stages of implementation it does represent an astounding future for high-speed rail transport and environmental efficiency. Because the system operates mostly on electric power, this is a highly efficient rail system that would continue to cut emissions in cities where commuters can typically impact the environment the most. The rapid adoption of this loop transport network would be a massive possibility as there are many people that could cut their travel time significantly by overdriving or traditional rail.

Virgin Hyperloop and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) are currently leading the way in research and development with both having designed working scale models. Hyperloop TT, for example, has run successful tests on its DevLoop in Las Vegas. Virgin Hyperloop One is also making progress with the testing of ‘DevLoop’ in North Las Vegas. These trials are intended to show that people can be transported at high speeds safely and will allow further research into this modern transport system.

It’s an exciting future possibility to see these systems coming into reality soon. With the funding now available to make the Hyperloop a reality we will have to see how this impacts markets across the USA.

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