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How To Hire App Developers For iOS/ Android – An Ultimate Guide in 2021-22

With the Covid-19 scenario turning over all the tables on companies, there’s not much room to decide otherwise. The only remedy in such a situation is digitalization. It has ultimately led global businesses to develop their mobile apps to reach out to their target audience more efficiently.

The app development process is quite complex and requires in-depth research before making the final plunge. Depending on the platform, the developers must have enough skills, like iOS developers need to have a sound knowledge of programming languages like Swift and Objective – C, and Android developers need to know Java, Kotlin, and Dart.

After that, you have the option of either hiring a freelancer, gathering an in-house team, or hiring offshore developers to get the job done. Moreover, you can always go for a Digital transformation company that can get the job done.

Despite all these more significant decisions that might perplex you, some more accessible protocols can help influence your choice for the better.

Consider Your Platform

The first step requires you to consider the platform of your app, whether iOS, Android, or both. This will have a significant impact on your decision because you will have to check for the developers’ level of expertise in the case of either platform.

Background Check – Education and Experience

Your business is at stake here, so you must make enough inquiries about the developers and their qualifications beforehand.

A degree in Computer Science or a related professional course will help determine whether they have enough knowledge of this domain or not. Moreover, any work experience in the Android or iOS field will be an added advantage.

Check Their Portfolio

Before finalizing your decision, check the projects they’ve worked on before meeting up with you.

Their previous works will help give you an idea of whether they’re a good fit for delivering a tailor-made app as per your expectations or not. Dig deeper into the app and look for reviews, comments, ratings, layout, and UI/UX.

Pricing Matters

Even if you have a tight budget, it is better to be safe than sorry later on. Avoid cheaper alternatives and prioritize the quality of the delivered work over it.

A play of various factors together determines the development cost, for example, the app platform; country-specific rates; whether you’re opting for in-house personnel, a freelancer, or an offshore developer; maintenance and support costs; the intricacy of the app design.

Two-way Communication

It is essential to hire an app developer who is transparent with you every step along the development process. Lack of communication can lead to a failed enterprise, and your app will suffer due to the missing elements necessary for its success.

On the other hand, if you convey your thoughts on the app design etc., it will help guide the developer along the way to what all you need in your app. It will make customization and making any changes to the plan a bit easier.

Maintenance and Support

The work isn’t over after the app launch. You need to consider post-development services because bugs and other flaws are bound to surface over some time. Therefore, it’s better to go ahead with an app development company that offers you maintenance services after that too.

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