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How To Get Out of a Hilton Grand Vacation Timeshare

The first hotel named Hilton opened in 1925 in Dallas, Texas. In 1927, their first hotel with air conditioning and running water opened.

The Hilton has changed immensely since then. If you’re a fan of this company, you might have purchased a Hilton timeshare.

While it was good initially, you might regret it and wish to cancel. But what are your options?

You might feel locked in, but is that really the case? Read this guide on how to cancel a Hilton timeshare resort the right way today.

Canceling a Hilton Grand Vacation Timeshare

First, check your hilton point charts and contact a timeshare developer. Many resorts now offer programs for owners to cancel their timeshares.

It could cost less for you to go this route than through a third-party company. You’ll connect with a broker to sell your Hilton Grand Vacation timeshare. For owed mortgage balances, you can’t go this route.

Give It Away

This is a risky option. Reach out to friends and family who might be willing to take a timeshare off your hands.

Many timeshares and states have a policy where the owner is held accountable if that person defaults. You’ll need to pay the club dues or maintenance fees if this occurs.

Check the policy of your state before you go this route. Keep in mind that it could always change.

Right Away

Within the first few days, you could legally exit the timeshare. Timeshares will vary as far as how long they offer you. If you cancel in time, you could receive a full refund.

It falls under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. Read the Hilton Grand Vacations cancellation policy to understand it better.

Many resorts will require you to submit a written cancellation letter. Others will allow you to cancel in person.

Choose overnight delivery if you’ll be canceling through the mail. If they get it after the initial period you’re allowed to cancel; you might not qualify.

Using Timeshare Exit Programs

You could go through third parties if you don’t trust the Hilton timeshare program. Before canceling, go through the contract and make sure that it’s definitely what you want.

Research timeshare exit companies with plenty of experience. Many will offer an escrow payment option and work with an attorney.

An attorney will ensure that the exit strategy is legal and has as much information as possible. Be careful since many exit timeshare companies will offer a similar pitch.

Understanding How To Cancel a Hilton Timeshare Resort

After exploring this guide, you should better understand how to cancel a Hilton timeshare resort. Take your time deciding which option is best for you.

Do thorough research if you choose a third-party exit company. Check how long you legally have to cancel with the timeshare company.

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