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How To Find A Job In Singapore

Are you looking for an exciting new adventure? Have you set your sights on moving to Singapore? Good choice!

The economy is robust with a growth of 7.6% in 2021! Living and working in Singapore is a great change of pace but first, you need a job. build a resume

Are you wondering about finding a job in Singapore? Keep reading for some information about doing an international job search. resume builder

Use a Singapore Recruitment Agency 

If you’re looking for a job in Singapore, a recruitment agency is a great option. A job recruitment firm has established contacts and works with both employers and job candidates.

A recruitment agency has an inside view of the job market in Singapore, and their job is to fill open positions. It’s helpful to go through an agency because the job market in Singapore is quite competitive. The agency can fill you in on the types of positions in high demand so you’re more likely to find a position.

Study In Singapore

Another way to get your foot in the door for a job in Singapore is to study there first. There are excellent schools in Singapore, and studying there first helps you meet more people.

While working on your education, you’ll also learn how to live there. You’ll learn about the culture and people and have opportunities to network.

It’s possible to get tuition discounts if you’re going to stay and work for several years after you graduate. Going to school in Singapore means going to some of the best schools in Asia.

Check Your Network

One of the best ways to get a job in Singapore is through a referral or networking. Have you been to Singapore?

Visit Singapore a few times before you try and get a job. Get to know some people and connect with some ex-pats from your country.

Attend a few conferences or events while you’re there so you can meet business people who are already working in your type of industry. It’s important to note that most companies in Singapore hire their own citizens first. This is due to government regulations.

For jobs that are in high demand, companies are better able and more likely to hire foreigners. It helps if you know people already working in the country or hiring managers from companies where you’d like to work.

This brings us to our next point…

In-House Recruiters

Many companies have in-house recruiters. Know what company you’d like to work for? Contact the in-house recruiter.

A good way to research and contact in-house recruiters is the LinkedIn platform. You can connect with in-house recruiters and even hiring managers working in the companies in which you’re interested.

Your International Job Search 

Finding a job in Singapore isn’t the easiest exercise, but it’s well worth it when you land one! A job in Singapore will offer you a great change of pace in a fascinating and safe city.

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