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How To Delete Apps on Apple TV?

Apple TV can be a great way to watch videos, but if you have apps hidden on it that are taking up valuable storage space or just don’t use them anymore there is an easy solution. In this article we’ll see how to delete apps on Apple TV. In this process, you can either delete an app from the home screen or Settings menu of your device and it will be removed forever!

Apple TV is a great way to stream your favourite shows and movies. However, it’s not without its drawbacks like having too many apps which can lead you down an unwanted path of spending more money than necessary on iTunes purchases or subscriptions for services that may have been free before hand! The best solution? Deleting those pesky little icons from the home screen menu so they don’t take up valuable space when scrolling through various categories such as “Movies,” etcetera

How Can You Delete Apps on Apple TV?

If you have an Apple TV that’s running tv OS, like the 2015 and 4K models (2014 or later), then installing new apps is easy. However, if your device is 2012 or earlier than these workarounds will allow deleting unwanted programs on it as well! We’ll go over how to do this in detail here so read ahead for more information about managing installed software with our tips & tricks series – today we’re focusing solely around Apples little puck-shaped set top boxes called ‘Apple TVs’. Continue to read to know How to Delete Apps on Apple TV.

Delete Apps from The Home Screen

The next time you want to delete an app from your Apple TV’s Home screen, do not simply tap and drag across its name. Instead hold down on the icon until all other apps move out of the way before releasing it so that only one remains highlighted for removal – this should make finding what you’re looking for much simpler!

Delete from Setting

We all know that getting rid of unwanted apps can be tough. Thankfully, Apple makes the task just a little bit easier with their built in help system on devices like the iPhone or iPad where you’ll find “Settings” under Settings>General Scrolling down until it says ‘Photos & Camera’ Find here settings for Video Clips and then go into iTunes Store > Preferences click ‘Autofill Digital Entries’ option so future purchases are automatically added to your library without needing individual codes from iTunes is also great because all files will sync across different platforms ̶ even if they’re deleted from one machine!

Hide Apps

If you want a good way to hide your apps from the Apple TV settings page, there are two things. First off, all go on YouTube and type in “how do i delete preferences” then see if any tutorials come up because they will probably have instructions that work for what’s happening with yours too! Another option would be going into System Preferences>iTunes & App Store > applications tab (3rd down) – look at where it says click hold anywhere else but only use one finger when selecting items so we don’t accidently select something else as well like album artwork or songs/playlists etcetera.

Final Verdict

Apple TV is a great device for entertainment, but it can get cluttered with apps that are no longer used. Sometimes you may want to delete an app from your Apple TV in order to make room or clear up space on the home screen. You might also find yourself wanting to remove an old app because its contents have changed and you don’t use them anymore. Whatever the reason, here’s how easy it is to delete unwanted apps!


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