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How Often Should Your Mattress Be Replaced?

Good quality sleep starts with a great mattress. Millions of people still suffer from poor sleep. Research shows that one-third of adults don’t get enough sleep each evening. But what happens if the mattress is a problem? We want to inform you that sometimes this is the source of sleep problems. Here are some indicators that your mattress is time for a change.

Sign 1: Your Mattress Is Over 7 Years Old

How often should you replace your bed? This depends on the mattress type and quality, but generally, you should replace your mattresses every 7-10 years. You can put a lot of pressure on your mattress by changing how you sleep and whether you sleep alone. It’s important to remember that mattresses are not designed to last forever.

Sign 2: Your Mattress Is Uncomfortable

You want your mattress to feel supportive and comfortable. Even though you know your mattress isn’t doing the job, it may still provide the comfort and support that you need for a great night’s sleep. However, you may have simply adapted to sleeping under a bad mattress because that’s what your body is used to. Or, you may just be accustomed to sleeping in a hotel or at the house of a relative and then wake up one morning thinking “wow! It may be an indication that your mattress might need to be replaced. If you don’t feel comfortable, you won’t get the best sleep. Period.

Sign 3: Are You Experiencing Soreness Or Back Pain

Did you know poor sleeping habits can lead to back problems and other health issues? If your mattress is constantly stiffening and feeling sore, it could indicate a problem. To determine this, you can look at whether your soreness/pain persists throughout a day or is more localized to the first time you rise. It will then subside once you get up.

Sign 4: Your Mattress Gags

You can easily see wear and tear in your mattress. If you have springs on your mattress, you can inspect them for signs of wear or sagging. Be sure to inspect the mattress’s edges and the area where your body sleeps. Foam and pillow tops, as with most things in life, will gradually become less supportive. These factors will inform you when it is time to buy a mattress.

Sign 5: You’re Sneezing, Not Sleeping

Though it may not be something you like to consider, your bed isn’t the only thing that rests on it. Your mattress is home to all kinds of allergies from dust, skin particles, sweat, and even skin particles.

Did you know that around a third of our lives are spent in bed? Sleeping well is vital for brain function, and overall wellness, and it’s something we do a lot. Best adjustable bed information is here to assist with your decision to replace your mattress. Our team believes there’s no better time to get the best sleep possible. Contact our team now to get the best sleep possible.

You can customize your mattress. We offer a top-of-the-line warranty that will protect you. Find the perfect top rated mattresses today.

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