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Meet Your Fundraising Goals by Leveraging Engraved Bricks

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting way to raise money for your favorite charity or cause, look no further than engraved bricks!

What are Engraved Bricks?

These are custom-made bricks that display information, such as text, free clip art, team or company logo, signatures, or personalized artwork. They are usually used to commemorate a special event or to raise funds for a particular cause or charity.

Engraved bricks typically come in various colors and sizes, such as 4”x8”x2¼” and 8”x8”x2¼”. There are also mini replicas of the 4”x8”x2¼” and 8”x8”x2¼” engraved bricks, which you can give to donors as memorabilia. Such memorabilia are especially perfect for donors who won’t have the opportunity to visit the actual site where the engraved bricks will be placed. They can use these mini bricks as paper weights or desktop trivets.

Why Should You use Engraved Bricks for Fundraising?

There are many reasons why engraved bricks make for great fundraising tools. For one, they can be customized to display exactly the information that the donors want to show. Engraved bricks also give donors a tangible appreciation for their contribution. With engraved bricks, donors are given the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy since these are permanently on display. Some donors, on the other hand, may opt to put the names of their children, grandchildren, or deceased loved ones instead.

Engraved bricks help create a sense of community and solidarity among donors. If you install these bricks in a commemorative pathway (e.g., Garibaldi Meucci Museum Recognition Walkway) or another structure in your office, your donors will surely enjoy visiting your organization’s workplace.

Engraved bricks are also low-cost and easy to produce, which makes them an ideal choice for fundraising. Ordering engraved bricks in bulk can also help you save on costs.

How Can You Use Engraved Bricks for Fundraising?

There are many ways you can use engraved bricks for fundraising. One popular way is to sell the bricks per piece. For example, Meals On Wheels of Tarrant County sells the 4”x8” brick for $100 each and the 8”x8” brick for $500 each. The Garibaldi-Meucci Museum, on the other hand, sells 8″x 8″ bricks for $200 each and the 12″x12″ bricks for $750 each.

You may also opt to sell the engraved bricks as part of a raffle or tombola. Or, you can auction off the bricks to the highest bidder to maximize profitability.

How Can You Market Your Engraved Bricks Fundraiser?

There are many ways you can market your fundraiser. You can start by creating a marketing flyer or brochure that you can distribute to potential donors. To make it more personal, you can send donation request letters via registered mail or email instead. To capture a wider audience, you can opt to post signs and banners around the community.

Moreover, you can create an online campaign, such as a website or social media page, where people can learn more about your fundraiser and how they can donate. Companies that provide online ordering will also show the donor what their engraving will look like by superimposing the text onto the chosen brick, tile, or paver.

A great way to make your fundraiser even more enticing is to have a sample display area, which is a tangible representation of what the bricks will look like. This will give potential donors a better idea of how their donation can help create a lasting impact.

By following these tips, you’re on your way to meeting — and even exceeding — your fundraising goals. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your engraved brick fundraiser today.

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