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Complete Guide of Floating Entertainment Center

The floating entertainment center is a great way to display your TV in an open and airy manner. You can choose from different styles, such as full-length or corner floating’s so it’s perfect for any space. They come with features like hidden storage, shelving and lighting that will add a touch of elegance while keeping things tidy!

Want to have the latest and greatest TV? We’ve got you covered! Our list of few floating entertainment center is perfect for any type home. Whether it’s a contemporary one with glossy finish, or rustic entertainment unit – we’ve got something that will suit your needs perfectly.

Floating TV Stand with Glass Shelves:

The floating TV stand with glass shelves is a modern and sleek addition to any room. It features an easy-to use remote control, LED illuminated shelving units that offer 16 colour options each (plus white), as well as two cabinets for storage space or media components – all in one stylish unit!

Grey Floating Shelf TV Stand:

A floating shelf for your TV? Sounds too good to be true! Imagine this Grey Floating Shelf from Best Buy is exactly that – a great alternative if you’re looking in the market and can’t find what’s right. It has all of those great features like concrete had, but without any excess weight or hefty price tag; plus offers an incredible textured look just like it does on real deal versions (with cable management included).

Floating TV Stand with Storage:

The Floating TV Stand with Storage is a great solution for those who want to add an elegant touch of natural beauty while still having enough space on your shelf. It features triple shelves that will ensure you have no problem storing all audio components and video equipment in one place, making it perfect as either a large entertainment center or office stand up monitor mount!

Maple and Cream Floating TV Shelf:

A perfect marriage of open shelves, hidden storage with a combo between materials that will elevate any living space. It also offers cord management!

Modern Floating TV Stand:

From the moment you see it, and its sleek lines are captivating. The floating unit is rich in both function as well as style with two hidden storage nooks for your items or even useable space where ever needed on top of an LED lit glass shelf that can be adjusted depending what’s happening at any given time! This impressive piece has many different color options so find something that’s right suited just for u.

South Shore Floating TV Stand:

If you like the appearance of aged wood but want a more polished aesthetic, this is the floating shelf for you. Its crisp white casing beautifully contrasts against its aged cabinet doors and texture for an airier feel than all-wood versions can provide.

Geometric Metal Floating TV Stand:

This geometric metal floating TV stand will make your house look like a work of art! With its heavy textured design, this piece is sure to attract attention. The cabinets hide all the clutter inside while incorporating an artsy feel with modern elements that symbolize creativity and uniqueness in every corner for you can’t go wrong when it comes down choice between form & function or style & substance- now there’s something everyone should know how much value they’re getting from their purchase at such affordable price points by checking out high end furniture stores who offer great deals coupled up nicely alongside quality craftsmanship.


The floating entertainment center is a great way to maximize your living space and give you the best of both worlds. With this article, we hope that you’ve learned about all the different types of floating TV stands available, what they offer in terms of storage space and how much they cost. We also hope that these ideas have helped get your creative juices flowing so that you can find one or more designs for your home.

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