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5 Reasons Why Digital Agencies Choose Shopify as the Leading Ecommerce Platform in Sydney

The Covid 19 pandemic has pushed Australians and people around the globe to turn online for all their needs, making ecommerce quite popular. In fact, Forrester reported a 25.7% increase in ecommerce use worldwide in 2020, and it is only expected to increase in 2022 and beyond.

And among the ecommerce platforms today, Shopify has become one of the leaders in Australia. So, it’s only apt for every shopify agency in sydney to make sure the shop they handle is always ahead of the competition. After all, there are already 2,663 active Shopify stores in Sydney today. So, it’s understandable how fierce competition can get.

Thankfully, there are many effective strategies that digital agencies can develop so your business becomes a success.

But why choose Shopify as your main ecommerce platform? Here are five reasons given by top digital agencies in Sydney:

Shopify is easy to use

Shopify is one of the easiest ecommerce platforms to set up and maintain because it is Cloud-based. Thus, there is no need for direct active management by the user, and you don’t have to worry about technical support, servers, and databases.

With an internet connection and login details, you can access your Shopify store anywhere in Sydney and beyond. Then, you can get to work efficiently.

It is a cost-effective ecommerce platform

One of the ways Shopify can reduce your costs is through the platform’s built-in marketing tools. You can work on your store’s page title, URLs and meta description, among others. And you can also optimize your content yourself. So, you don’t have to look for a third party in Sydney to boost your products and promotions because Shopify agencies alone can handle marketing without difficulty.

Moreover, you can customize your store to make it visually appealing to visitors without the need to purchase or develop themes. Shopify has countless templates to choose from and design as you want. But, of course, if you want a totally unique look, you can let developers create something for you.

It is fast and secure

The importance of speed in ecommerce cannot be emphasized more. When a page loads slower than three seconds, expect to say goodbye to a potential customer. But you won’t get this problem with Shopify because of its impressive speed and security features that allow you to track your page’s loading time and improve as necessary.

Its automation helps prevent errors

Sometimes, you can’t help but make errors, especially when you input data manually. But with automated solutions, something that Shopify comes with, you can easily prevent errors and fix duplicity issues.

Shopify has its own payment gateway

Shopify already offers different payment methods and gateways that make payment processing easy and efficient. But more than that, it also has its own payment method. Many choose Shopify’s payment gateway because of the minimal fees and no transaction charges.

The reasons above are enough to make you start your own Shopify store and succeed in your business. And with the right shopify agency in Sydney, you will surely bring your shop to the top.

So, make sure you find the best agency that knows how to craft an effective strategy based on your brand’s values and on the available ecommerce data today. When you consider every factor that affects your business and build your plans around it, you will soon enjoy success.

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