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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Buying Weed

“Should I buy my weed online?”

This is one of the most common questions that beginner weed enthusiast has before they are set to buy their first batch of cannabis. And, to be fair, it doesn’t matter if you buy it offline or online, there are a few recurring mistakes that every person has done in their early days of buying weed. For the most part, these are honest mistakes that result from a lack of knowledge and education about the subject.

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This article will highlight some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid before buying weed.

  • Not familiarizing yourself

We understand that the fear of missing out is too much in today’s world. Everyone is in a rat’s race trying to get into new things and trying out new things in life because it’s in trend. Weed and cannabis smoking is part of that train wreck. However, you need to understand that smoking weed has impacts, consequences and cost a lot of money.

So, if you are considering but a bag of weed without proper knowledge, you are already doing a big mistake that you will eventually regret. From the strains to the impacts, it will have on the person; there are several important factors that you need to look out for.

Also, you should be of legal age before you even consider buying weed from legal sources. The last thing you want is to be reckless and end up buying a large batch of weed that you don’t even know about. So, educate yourself. Do proper research before you splurge out money.

  • Not buying from reputable and reliable sources

There are hundreds and thousands of online websites and offline marijuana dispensaries across the world. You can either take to the online platforms to order your weed or you can personally visit a dispensary to get your hands on the weed. However, irrespective of whether you are buying from online or offline sources, reliability is a factor you can’t compromise on.

Conduct proper and thorough research about the website or the dispensary you are buying the weed from. This will give you a detailed insight into the quality of the weed they are selling and what kind of quality you can expect when you buy from there. It goes without saying that if they have a good track record, the same will show in the testimonials online.

Also, when checking for reliability, you need to ensure that the seller is licensed. Also, the dispensaries should be legal for selling the different strains of weed that they are selling. These two factors are mandatory to put into action.

  • Not comparing the different sources or outlets for purchase

There are hundreds and thousands of different platforms of websites and dispensaries that sell weed. So, before anything, you need to ensure that you do a proper comparison among all the available options in the market. Don’t settle for the first website that you come across. This is where most people go wrong.

Not only should you compare the quality of the strains or the products, make sure you are looking into the way the platforms handle and harvest their weed. You need to find the source of the seeds too before you buy the weed from a website or dispensary. You want to ensure that the seeds are ethically sourced and the harvest is of the best quality.

  • Prioritizing the price

Another important mistake that several first-time weed buyers do is prioritizing the price over the quality of the weed. While it is true that weed is quite expensive, it is also true that you need to focus on the quality of the weed without any compromise. With cannabis, you should have a budget but don’t prioritize the budget by compromising the quality.

Cheaper cannabis strains or types can have very bad consequences on your health, something that you don’t want to experience at all. The cheaper weed strains often have poor THC and CBD levels and are harvested from bad quality seeds. Some of the cheaper strains also have a mixture of stems, and seeds and leaves in them instead of just the buds.

Instead of just focusing on the price, focus on the quality of the strain and the reliability of the platform that you are buying it from. Do thorough research before you jump straight into buying the said products.

  • Skipping out on research

Whenever you consider buying weed, the first thing that the budtender will ask you is the kind of strain you want. Are you looking for a medicinal strain? Are you looking for a recreational strain? There are hundreds and thousands of known weed strains that are available in the market. So, before you jump straight ahead to buy a weed strain, you need to sit back and do your research first.

Ideally, we’d recommend educating yourself about the individual strains first. There are Indica-dominant and Sativa-dominant strains. There are strains with high THC and there are strains with high CBD in them. The reason why conducting thorough research is important is because that is what gives you a thorough understanding of the strains and what you should buy.

Besides the strains, make sure your research includes looking through the customer reviews. This is what ensures that you get the absolute best when it comes to the strain that you are buying from a completely new website or dispensary around you.

If this is your first-time buying weed, there are several factors that you need to keep in consideration. While everyone will guide you about what you should be doing, be mindful of the common mistakes that many do during the purchase. The more you complicate things, the harder it becomes for you to shop for the right strain. So, follow these tips that we have mentioned around here and make sure you avoid doing these common mistakes that most first-time buyers do when it comes to weed.

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