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4 Unique Needs of B2B Content Marketing

Let’s kick this off by coming to terms with the fact that 79% of companies use content marketing as a solid way to generate leads!

75% of these brands use content marketing to drive traffic to their websites, and 57% as a way to manage their online brand awareness and reputation.

These stats ring true no matter whether your business operates in a B2C or a B2B environment. But is there a difference between B2B content marketing and B2C content marketing?

Yes! Keep reading to find out how the two differ in 4 unique ways.

B2B Content Marketing: Similarities

There is one major similarity between B2B content marketing and B2C content marketing, and that is YOUR AUDIENCE.

Okay, the audience is not 100% the same but what we mean is the similarity comes in whereby you base your content marketing strategy on your audience.

Neither type of content marketing can work without a solid foundation of research on who the target audience is and how you’re going to create content tailored for them, whether they are a business or a person.

The Unique Qualities Of B2B Content Marketing

In the environment of B2B content marketing, your primary goal is to see a difference in your bottom line, what matters with B2B is the data behind it and what it tells you.

1) There Are Different Tactics Used

Generally speaking, B2C content and B2B content are inherently different in the mediums used.

B2B content is usually showcased through blogs, email marketing software, and case studies in a more professional format.

2) Top Priorities Are Different

The purpose of your content marketing plan, if you work for a B2B firm, is to link other businesses with your products or services. Lead generation and lead nurturing are, and will likely always be your top priorities.

In B2C, you establish a consumer need and then show how your product or service meets that need with your content.

3) You Speak Differently With B2B

With B2B-focused content, you’ll need to speak in a different way than you would on a more relaxed platform. For example, quirky brands can be informal for B2C.

But when you’re selling B2B, you’re speaking business, professional, and formal language with your audience.

4) B2B Focuses On Facts

Business customers usually want to see the real numbers when it comes to your product or service. A B2B customer will make purchases with a specific result in mind, whereas B2C audiences will let content influence their decision through emotion.

A B2B content marketing agency will be able to guide you with the content you need to create.

Crafting Your Content

Your B2B content marketing strategy should be well-thought-out and laid upon a solid foundation of who your ideal business customer base is.

If you craft content with your ideal B2B customer in mind then you’ll likely see positive results before you can bat an eyelid. Back up your content with solid statistics, B2B audiences love that!

We’ve got more content marketing blogs just for you, simply type content creation into the search bar.

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