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4 Types of Metals You Should Know

Do you want to learn about some common types of metals? Click here for the basics as well as how and when to use different metals!

According to recent market research, the US wholesale metals market is worth approximately $229.3 billion today.

Metal forms the structure of our construction, manufacturing, and fabrication industries. From industrial materials to fine jewelry and even metal investing, it’s worth learning about the many types of metals available today.

We’ve put together this helpful guide as an introduction to the fascinating world of popular metals.

Read on for everything you need to know.

1) Iron

Iron is a hard, brittle metal used by people to make tools and weapons over 5,000 years ago. As a mineral, iron is essential to almost all life on earth. It is the most abundant metal in existence.

Because iron rapidly corrodes when exposed to air and moisture, it is refined and mixed with other metals to form more stable alloys. This makes it suitable for a wide range of industries.

Iron is the most refined metal today, and most of it is used to make steel for civil, construction, and infrastructure applications.

2) Steel

Steel is an alloy made up of iron, carbon, manganese, plus traces of silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, and oxygen.

Adding chromium to the alloy creates stainless steel, a tarnish-resistant material often used to make knives and tools.

Steel is the most significant engineering and building material on the planet. It is employed in almost every aspect of modern life, including automobiles, building equipment, white goods, plate processing, and medical equipment. The majority of steel items last for decades before they get recycled.

3) Copper

Copper is a popular industrial metal due to its ductile, malleable, and conductive properties. It also has excellent corrosion resistance.

After iron and aluminum, copper is the world’s third-most-used industrial metal. Three-quarters of this are used to manufacture electrical lines, telephone cables, and computers.

Copper is also used to manufacture coins. All US coinage is now made from copper alloy, and gun metals contain copper, too.

4) Precious Metals

Precious metals have a high economic value thanks to a variety of factors, including rarity, industrial application, and historical importance.

Platinum, silver, and gold are the most common precious metals for investors. As an investment, precious metals are used to diversify portfolios and hedge against inflation while owning a tangible asset.

They are also used to create fine works of jewelry, which are both an investment and a fashion statement. Some precious metals, like platinum and even gold, are essential to manufacturing circuit boars and other technology.

Types of Metals Explained

We rely on the metal industry for every aspect of our everyday lives. By learning a little about the different types of metals available today, you gain valuable insight into the importance of this versatile experience.

We hope this guide has provided some clarity on the different types of metal and their uses.

If so, be sure to check out the rest of our blog for everything you need to know about industry, technology, business, and more.

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