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4 Proven Ways to Create a Strong Online Presence for Your Business

You wouldn’t host an expensive birthday party and forget to send out invites, right?

Yet that’s precisely the mistake many business owners make when they launch a website and expect customers to come flocking to their (virtual) door.

No matter how cutting-edge your product or how beautiful your website is, achieving a solid online presence requires a proactive action plan.

To help you turn your website presence into the hottest party in town, check out our four top marketing strategies that are guaranteed to draw in the crowds.

1. Upgrade Your Content

Quality content is the time-tested way of attracting people to your website and converting them into customer leads.

Regularly publishing fresh content is a great way to showcase your authority in a subject. Plus, it’s a chance to convince people of the merits of your product without coming across as a sales pitch.

Content marketing also gives your most committed fans the chance to share your brand with their audience.

To maximize your content, take time to research your topic first before writing it, so you can go one step further than what’s already published. In addition, think about using a variety of mediums, not just blog posts.

Videos, podcasts, and even image galleries are excellent ways to market your business.

2. Power Up Your Email Marketing

With all the heavy lifting required to get a new visitor to your website, you don’t want to lose them if they forget to bookmark your page.

The best way around that challenge is to capture their email address.

That will give you the chance to get that visitor back to your website to browse more of your content. It also allows you to promote your marketing campaigns directly via their email inbox.

3. Master Social Media

Before a customer buys from you, they will often do a bit of research to discover more about your brand. Is your brand as exciting as you claim? What do other people think about your product?

That’s where social media comes in. It’s great for pushing out promotional campaigns to the masses (whether organically or via paid advertising), and it’s also essential for helping you build your brand reputation.

4. Future-Proof Your Search Optimization

Most online marketing recommendations will include a nod to SEO.

But for your brand to truly stand out on those search results pages, you need to be thinking beyond standard optimization tactics such as search rankings on long-tail keywords.

Search is changing. Local search is becoming critical for businesses that still rely on footfall.

And with the emergence of voice technology, voice search SEO is something you want to master rapidly before it’s adopted by your nearest competitors.

The Secret to a Powerful Online Presence? Be Proactive

Don’t wait for customers to find you. If you want an online presence, you need to take the reins. Brainstorm a unique marketing strategy that adopts the latest online trends and watch how it can accelerate your business growth.

For more top marketing tips, head to our business section now to browse our latest articles.

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