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20+ Ideas to Consider for Your Next Problem Solution Assignment

When taking IELTS or other competitive exams, students are required to write problem-solution essays. The first step to write any sort of essay is to select an appropriate topic. Should be something about which you have some expertise, even if you are not an expert.

Or a subject that stimulates your interest enough for you to spend hours researching and learning everything there is to know about it.

Furthermore, it should be presented in a way that appeals to the audience. When it comes to problem-solution essays, you may learn everything you need to know right here. So for Online Assignment help contact us at Assignment sky

We will first go through the specifics of this sort of essay. And then give over thirty amazing suggestions to assist you in writing an essay like that.

What Exactly Is a Problem-Solution Essay?


As the title suggests, this article is about analyzing a specific problem and then suggesting possible remedies to it. As a writer, you must be skilled at balancing the material between the problem and the solution.

It is critical to understand the framework that should be used for a problem-solution essay. Its framework is made up of four primary components that operate together.

They are as follows:

  • A thorough explanation of the problem
  • Solution suggestion
  • An argument in favor of the approach is that it is executable and cost-effective.
  • Why did you choose this option over others that were available?

Topics for Problem Solving Assignments for University Students

It might be difficult to choose a topic that would guarantee you a decent mark or pass a test. You may spend hours deciding on one, just to reject it minutes later. Certain elements must be considered when selecting an essay topic.

First and foremost, as previously said, it should be something that the writer is passionate about. Only then would they be able to investigate and develop it for the readers, rather than finding it tiresome in the middle.

Second, even if you enjoy a topic, if it is too limited for study, you should avoid it.

Neither chooses anything that is too vast in scope to be summarized in the limited word limitation of an essay. Maintain a healthy balance.

It is admirable to be ambitious, but do not embark on a project that is too esoteric or too large for you to handle. Even if you complete the final draught, the quality of your work will suffer as a result.

Now that we’ve gotten these important tips out of the way, let’s dig into the list of ideas for the greatest problem-solution essays. We’ve divided the themes into several categories to make it even simpler to discover what you’re looking for.


  • What can be done to assist students who are underperforming in class?
  • How can teachers assist gifted students in reaching their full potential?
  • What role do schools play in assisting youngsters in their fight against obesity?
  • How can educational institutions assist kids with exceptional needs?
  • How can educators make online learning more enjoyable?
  • Which techniques can be utilized in schools to better prepare kids for life beyond school?

Social Concerns:

  • How can students be prevented from dropping out of college?
  • What are some strategies for increasing global literacy?
  • What are the most effective strategies for dealing with illegal immigration?
  • How can kids be prevented from viewing inappropriate online content?
  • What are the strategies for lowering national unemployment rates?
  • How can a large metropolis make itself more pedestrian-friendly?


  • How can parents assist their children in developing a positive body image?
  • What are the most effective methods of kid discipline?
  • How can you spend quality time with your family during a pandemic?
  • What are some methods for teaching youngsters about money management?
  • How should a family respect its members’ privacy?


  • What are the safest methods to play football during the pandemic?
  • How can coaches motivate athletes to achieve their full potential?
  • What can be done to restore sports’ appeal post-Covid19?
  • What methods can be used to reduce illicit drug use in athletes?
  • How do athletes re-enter the game after a failure or loss?
  • What can football players do to reduce their chances of injury on the field?


  • What can businesses do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
  • How can Australia attempt to reintroduce animals following the fires?
  • Which strategies may be used to minimize deforestation?
  • What can the government do to promote recycling?
  • What are the most effective methods for reducing urban population density?
  • What can be done to manage the depletion of Earth’s resources?


  • How can people go about their regular lives during the pandemic?
  • What methods can help to reduce childhood obesity?
  • What are the methods for reducing teen pregnancy?
  • How can we promote open talks about mental health issues?
  • What can be done to limit a family’s sugar intake?
  • How do you deal with stress-related health issues?
  • What strategies can be utilized to encourage people to engage in physical activity?

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